Waterloo Bonfire and Spectacular Firework Display 2017

Firesite - Malling Brooks Field (behind Tesco, Lewes)
Bonfire Night - Saturday 4th November 2017
Tickets - £5.00 each, cash only

Waterloo Bonfire Society firesite advance tickets available immediately, right through until late afternoon on Bonfire Night ie: Saturday 4th November 2017 from the Royal Oak, Station Street and Lewes Tourist Information Centre and from Tesco, Lewes Car Park during the day.

Tickets can also be purchased on entry to the site on Bonfire Night until the site is full.

There are food vendors on the site but no toilet facilities.

Waterloo Bonfire Society reserves the right to cancel the display and no refunds will be given.

If you have have any questions regarding tickets or any other aspects of the evening, please contact Amanda French, General Secretary at amanda@waterloobonfire.co.uk